Premium Grand Pianos and Opera are my passion


Professionally trained Opera performances to make your soul sing

My background is in marketing and I started my singing studies later in my career when I discovered that business alone was not fulfilling enough. It was only when I started combining the singing and performing experience with a piano showcase that I discovered how unique, enriching and special it can be to sing at bespoke events and to create extraordinary experiences to help customers/clients choose the right piano for them.

I am a British-Spanish coloratura soprano based in London. I studied Opera singing in Italy with Professor L. Ciaffi and piano with Professor G. Fuga at the Turin Conservatory of Music. 

I have sung and performed throughout Italy (Teatro Carignano, Settembre Festa) and the UK (Leeds University, BMIC, Brighton Festival) and presently I am singing and performing in exclusive events (private and corporate), whilst continuing my singing and piano studies with Professor L. Sarti, R. Godfrey and A. Pilkington.
 Louisa Beard Opera was created to enhance the experience of selecting a Premium Grand Piano, by offering an Opera recital to guests whilst showcasing a handcrafted grand piano, played by a professional pianist.
 This is experience is so unique, transformative and intimate that I believe it has a positive effect in people’s life.
 Louisa is also an earnest participator in supporting local charities by running or volunteering occasionally and she enjoys helping with fundraising or donating a percentage from piano sales.

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I aim to bring beauty, emotion and thought-provoking experiences to my audiences and clients. 

Music is an expression of the soul and the environment around us. I have been gifted with the talent to bring these elements to life - including that of a Premium Piano. This is how I am able to communicate the truly remarkable and magical experience of owning a prestigious instrument and how to unleash its true power (for more information, please read my sections regarding the Piano selection I provide).

A Piano selection service and process is also offered from me, centred on accurate, relevant information and advice. This coupled with my collaboration with top piano dealers, Yamaha Music London (former Chappell of Bond Street) and Markson Pianos (third-generation family business) assistance, management and after-care from myself, makes the whole process a truly unique and memorable experience, which goes hand in hand with the wonderful instrument you will place in your home and heart.

By offering a selection of the finest handcrafted grand pianos Bösendorfer, Yamaha Premium, C. Bechstein and Steingraeber & Söhne, I am confident that customers will value, trust and be happy to recommend me for all their Premium Piano needs. Please get in touch if you would like further information or to ask any questions, I would be delighted to speak to you. 

Best wishes, 
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