An Incredibly Unique Service for the 
Perfect Piano Selection


My focus is on you

After working in the piano business for many years, my aim is to offer a unique and personalised experience during the process of helping you select a Premium Grand piano. 

I listen to your ideas, thoughts, needs and wants and suggest you different options and products, such as necessary accessories. I aim to use all of this to make the selection process a fun and enriching journey that you will always treasure in your memory.

My Piano Consultant Services:

Hourly or daily basis consultancy fees.
For further information and consultancy charges please call + 447765 363095+ 4420 7482 5834 or email .

Enjoy a complimentary opera and piano recital at your property or venue of your choice when selecting a Premium Grand Piano.

VIP Premium Piano Selection in London

Enjoy a complimentary opera and piano recital at your property or venue of your choice when selecting a Premium Grand Piano.

I believe that there is a piano that is unique to its player – that it somehow chooses you and when you play it, there is a sublime feeling. This is my mission, to find your piano match.

I organise a private Premium Piano Selection for you at the Yamaha Music London showroom, where you will have the opportunity to explore and choose the type of grand piano that you enjoy playing and indulge in this unique journey of discovery.

Personalised Piano Consultancy Service 

Including custom-made pianos.

This service includes helping you establish the right size of grand piano (depending on space), design, sound, touch and other requirements you may wish to discuss.

Once we know what we are looking for, I organise a piano selection for you.

Once the selection has ended, I follow your order from the beginning until your piano has been delivered. Also there is an after-sales service should you like me to follow tunings, maintenance and accessories.


I can provide to my customers an after-care service that extenuates the enriching and invigorating initial selection process. This is done by truly caring and assisting you with your newly found addition to your life.

This includes:
  • Attention to your needs.
  • Support – technical maintenance
  • Further advice and help – piano accessories – new products.

Custom-Made Pianos

The spectrum of design possibilities ranges from:
  • Hand-polished
  • High-gloss black
  • Wood veneered models,

All beautifully crafted with the finest inlaid detail. This includes sensational creations in cooperation with some of the world’s most famous designers and architects.

This service includes customising your piano with:

  • A special design, ornament (including your favourite precious gems)
  • Coat of arms 
  • The name initials of your loved one
  • Artist series (reproducing your favourite art piece on the internal part of the piano lid).
  • Liaising with your interior designer to ensure that we achieve outstanding results and a masterpiece to delight the eye and ear each and every day.

Artist Series - Bösendorfer, Klimt Model – “The Kiss” © Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Bösendorfer Cocteau Model

“The sound of the human voice inspired the creation of an instrument as exceptional as the piano; I help you select the one for you” – Louisa Beard Opera 
Do you want something extra spectacular for your piano selection experience? How about one that is unique, opulent and exudes elegance and luxury in every way?
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