Luxurious Works of Art Encapsulated 
in a Grand Piano

You can now visit Bösendorfer Factory when selecting your Bösendorfer Grand Piano in Vienna.

A luxurious process of building 
a masterpiece

Wood selection

Single stringing by hand. Bass strings are made of high quality copper.

The case

It contains and protects the impressive cast-iron frame with the strings, as well as the action and the soundboard.

“Craftsmen are part of a large ensemble”

The Action

The aesthetics of the piano have a big impact on the sound, visual effect and presence in the room. It involves a beautiful elegant design, with a rich colour finish, which is a result of smoothing numerous times, gradually changing the grade of the sandpaper, and being applied one layer at a time with meticulous buffing in between. A modern style of the pedal lyre, durable and stronger, keys that look and feel like natural ivory for a comfortable touch and latest technology in lid finish, preventing reflecting glare in the eyes, all these and more make a piano look as good as it sounds.

The instrument

Every instrument has its own special nuance and particular tonal properties due to the use of natural materials such as wood and felt which will never be exactly the same from one piano to the next. They are unique instruments that have musical personalities of their own. Each piano manufacturer uses different techniques of construction but they all have the common belief that for the instrument to be a masterpiece they have to use prime quality materials and experienced masters and specialists.

(Source: L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH, Yamaha Corporation, C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik, Klaviermanufacktur Steingraeber &Söhne)
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